Foods That Are Not Dangerous for Your Dog

Puppies don’t need so many carbs, and also, if your dog is obese, he may contract pancreatitis. No one is sure of the mechanics, only that it is more likely to occur in females fed with fat and sterilized, including a large plate. However, a healthy puppy will not suffer if it eats a tiny amount of fat in addition to its food. Dogs live without the health consequences of eating. A few eggs a week is not dangerous, and the fruit your dog can eat.

Raw Eggs

Raw eggs contain avidin and may stop your dog from taking biotin, vitamin B, but your dog doesn’t have to take vitamins if your pet has trouble eating eggs. You have a coat that is healthy if you do not swallow biotin. They have vitamins that are missing from your pet’s fat and food. Many vets believe that the effects of this egg are eliminated if eaten raw because cooking or processing it is better for your dog.


Raw Bones

Bones are not dangerous. Many people today are afraid to feed bones because some dogs have been shown to break a small bone, which could lead to clogging. It occasionally happens with all sorts of things I read in an article about one of those healthy greenies that also cause blockage, but it is unlikely to occur with raw bones.

I suspect that the only type of bone that is much healthier than 100 pounds is a nylon bone, and it doesn’t cause any problems because dogs don’t appreciate its taste or texture, so it’s not chewed. Because your puppy leaves it, the nylon bone is 100% protected. Garlic is not dangerous.


There is little evidence that garlic is much more poisonous, but it is associated with the onion plant. Even many veterinarians group and condemn this particular plant. I would be pleased if someone were to provide some evidence to accept that garlic is harmful. One website posted a place where an owner reported that his furry friend had died just a few days after eating garlic; the story was repeated on another site online.

As proof of the garlic’s toxicity, while other “professionals” used another website because of its references to this garlic hazard. There has been an analysis by some veterinarians in Japan that a dose was equivalent to 60 teaspoons of garlic. None of these dogs developed anemia. They decided to argue that garlic should be fed to dogs.


Do you think they would rule that out if they were investigating a major commercial company? How about “coffee causes nausea”? You try it, and you collect it, it doesn’t cause nausea, you decide to say that coffee is no longer consumed. Tomatoes are not dangerous for dogs. Vegetables are not hazardous for your dog.


sunglassesPopcorn is not dangerous. The point is that butter or margarine is the salt that is on top of everything and above everything, and cheese is not harmful. Just like linseed, aging is used by bacteria. If the puppy overeats cheese, It can become constipated.I encourage you to read this publication and promote your dog’s life with a diet if you are interested in your pet’s health.

Because they are about 100 years old, their bones are hard and, because they are large and flat, it is impossible to swallow them and get much exercise. If pet owners are interested in the article, I am sure there is a company that will reproduce it.